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Ultimate power control for Mac


System Integrity Protection

The driver used to communicate with the processor requires a custom SIP state if you are using 10.11 or above. Read about SIP

  1. Shutdown your Mac
  2. Whilst holding ⌘+R turn on your Mac

  3. Select Terminal from the Utilities menu

  4. Enter csrutil enable --without kext into the Terminal

Quick Start


Undervolting your processor can gain significant power savings

Reducing the operating voltage of the processor can lower thermal output and improve sustained performance

WARNING: Undervolting can reduce system stability - if you experience system stability issues reduce or disable your undervolt

Turbo Boost

Control whether the processor can operate above its base frequency

Preventing the processor from operating above its base frequency can save power - this can impact performance in heavy tasks

Power Limit

Set a powerlimit for your processor to operate under

The powerlimit will scale the processors frequency during tasks to stay under the set boundry

Decreasing the powerlimit can impact performance but improve battery life and thermals